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L1 To H1 B Petition Transfer

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  • L1 To H1 B Petition Transfer

    I applied for H1 in 2007 and my H1 is approved and I have the H1 documents with me. Right now i'm in USA on L1A working for my current employer(A).
    I have not joined Company B(H1B Sponser) till now and still working with Company A on L1-A ( I have never got H-1B Stamped), My H1B Sponser(B) called me and informed me they closing the company in 2 weeks; they asking me to change my status to H1B in this 2 weeks of time otherwise my petition will be cancelled.

    In this scenario Can I transfer my visa to Company C without joining Company B.? I will not have paystubs from Company B. But I have the paystubs from Company A.

    I am comfortable with current project which may extend for 1 more year but seems to be it is indispensibe for me to quit and start looking for new job with H1B sponsorer. Do I have any other options

    Please advice me as soon as possible.

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    Seems possible under remainder option. Apply H-1B (Not Subject to cap) based on company A H-1B approval notice copy and request a Change of Status on I-129. Search remainder option and read FAQs.
    Check out H1 FAQs first!