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H1 transfer reject

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  • princeanand82
    If my H1B transfer is rejected.

    1)Can I still work with my old employer if they have not revoked my H1B?

    2)Also, my wife is on L1, can I file for a L2 Visa after the H1 B transfer rejection? What are my chances of getting it through?

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  • txh1b
    No other transfers are possible while you are in the US.

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  • orion
    OP will be out of status from the day of rejection until filing for another transfer. Unpaid time is always OOS.

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  • krishna12
    Any answer to your question would definetly helps me too.
    I am waiting for my transfer, and they got RFE.

    If H1 is rejected, can we still stay in US and apply for another H1 transfer? I think the status bcomes invalid. Not sure, can any one calrify please.


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  • nirav1866
    started a topic H1 transfer reject

    H1 transfer reject


    I need help regarding h1 transfer. Actually, I came in USA in June 2007 through one company and then due to some company problem, I need to do go for h1 transfer with other company. Another company sponser my h1 transfer. But unfortunately I got query in h1 transfer and uscis asked for some evidence for h1 transfer. Actually, h1 query was related to company(who sponsered my h1 transfer). But, I just got rejection in h1 transfer. I verified with my old employer that do i have my h1 with them or not. But, they revoked my h1 when I transfer with other company. Now, my situation is that I got H1 transfer rejection with new company and my old company has revoked my H1.

    I am looking another company for h1 transfer. Even I got another company and they are ready to sponser my H1, it will take 3-4 months to get confirmation. So, till that time what will be my status?

    So, Please tell me, what should i have to do?
    It is an urgent, please guide me.

    Thank you,
    - Nirav.