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H1B Visa stamping from Abroad

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  • H1B Visa stamping from Abroad

    Hi Every one,
    I have a typical situation. I have attended H1B interview in Dubai Consulate. That time they have issued me 221(g). Now i got email from consulate to send my passport for visa stamping. But when enquired with postal department, i was told that we cann't send passport to other countries.
    So what is the solution, what is the other that we can send it.


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    Either courier it or send through someone ...

    ... who's flying to Dubai and that person can use post/courier services in the country.

    Good luck.
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      Carrying a passport is also not allowed in airport, that will cause problems to the person travelling.

      Thanks in Advance....Any other solution please.


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        Any person can legally carry other person's passport as long as the other person has issued a letter to the effect and this passport is not used for any fraudulent purposes. This is basically honored almost everywhere in the world. Don't worry too much about it.

        However, if you really want to be a stickler and absolutely cautious on the subject matter, just fly to the country and get your work done.

        Good luck to you in your endeavor.


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          Thanks a lot for your update. But as of now, i dont know any person travelling to Dubai. How about when I send it through post. Please let me know the procedure if we have any hassles in it.

          Thanks in advance...


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            My dear, dear friend ...

            ... you mentioned you cannot send it by post, so why go into in again?

            Just send the document by a well known international courier like DHL, FedEx etc.

            Good luck.

            PS: Did you know if FedEx and UPS merge the company's name may not be liked by many? It will be FedUP!