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URGENT: Last few months on OPT, H1B sponsorship not in sight

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  • URGENT: Last few months on OPT, H1B sponsorship not in sight

    Present Scenario:
    I graduated (bachelors in finance) in Dec. '07, and started by OPT on 6th January, 2008. Although I worked for this company for couple of months, they decided not to sponsor for my H1, so I quit. Right now, I don't have any leads to an employer who can sponsor for me. Even if I find one who does (after Oct, before Jan), the application cannot be filed before April 2009, and I won't be approved before Oct 2009 to work.

    1. What are my options other than going back on F1?

    I checked out couple of Masters program, and most of them either didn't start till Fall 09, or I am too late to apply. Going back for a year on second undergrad degree is an option, but I feel is expensive and a waste of money.
    So, going back to school as a full-time student is an expensive option that I cannot afford.

    I heard there are online classes one can take from anywhere in the US that issues I-20 for upto a year. If so, what are these classes, and where can I get any additional information? Also, do I have any other options?

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    Go get hold of all the casual H1 seekers and thrash them, especially most of H4 - to -H1 housewives who convert their many years of their experience of cooking sambhar and rassam into many years of experience of C++ JAVA SAP etc etc.

    Lo behold, I already see criticism coming

    Mind it, I said most, not all. But most is > 95%

    EDIT: But I know its a fact.

    OP, you can try non-profit organizations for now, there is not count limit and time limit for such H1s, like working in school or hospital or charitable institutes.
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