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H1 Transfer and H4- My Wife and Kids

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  • H1 Transfer and H4- My Wife and Kids

    I got visa stamped in May 2005 for me, wife and my 2 kids.( The I-94 and visa expiring on october 2008)

    Once I came in i got H1- Transfered( less than a month)
    I got H1-Transfrede and got new I-797 for me
    for my wife and kids also we got H4 approvals, basically My wife H4 approval she is the applicant and also she is the beneficiary.
    for my kids she is the applicant and beneficiaries are my kids.
    ( I-94 is extened till July 2009)

    Now again I got H1- transfered , By gods Grace I got approval and mY I-94 is extended till 2011 July. But the company dint file for H4 for my family and I came to know only now and they are saying that since the validity is there till July 2009, no need to do for them.

    My question, When I go for stamping, the old H4 approvals are valid??? or do I have to get new H4 for them based on this new H1-B??

    Kindly Reply me

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    H4 is not linked to the company. You can file for an extension when it is time for the H4 expiry or get a new stamp based on your H1b approval extension.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Thank you very much txh1b
      I have seareched many of your posts and so helpful to many people.
      I have one question
      The Visa expires for all of us on oct 2008 and the H4 approval is valid till 7/13/2009.
      I have h1-approval recently valid 2011, so we need to go for stamping
      Last time when I got visa stamped, it was at Saudi Arabia and Im hearing that stamping at mexico/canada are little difficult based on the degree certificate issued.
      1. what is the best thing to do? is it advisable to go to mexico/canada or home country.
      2. If we go to home country INDIA, it is a H1-transfer