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Travel - H4->H1 COS approved Want to return Late Nov

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  • Travel - H4->H1 COS approved Want to return Late Nov


    I am currently on H4 (status valid till Apr 2009. H4 Visa stamp expired). My COS to H1 starting Oct 1 is approved.

    Due to a family emergency I have to visit and stay in India for extended period of time (till Nov End).

    Can I travel now and come back at the end of Nov and start working on H1. I Know I will have to apply for Visa stamping in India and in absence of paystubs (since I have not started working and does not have SSN) it could be extreemely risky. But that is a risk that I have to take because of family emergency.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have done some research and the only issues I have found is people who want to return on H4 prior to Oct 1 so that COS is automatically effective Oct 1, however I would not be able to return prior to Oct 1.

    Many thanks!!

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    Gist is you know what to do - get it stamped. What you said about paystubs is not right though.


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      Thanks Orion for your response.