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Can I have H1B and L1 from current company!!!

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  • orion
    You can apply for both visas. However sice both are temp worker visas, there is a possibility of one being cancelled out if you goto stamp the second one.

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  • sritosri
    started a topic Can I have H1B and L1 from current company!!!

    Can I have H1B and L1 from current company!!!

    One of US company applying H1B for me, I have interview in Sep 2008. In the mean while my present company wants to apply L1 VISA. Is it possible to apply both visa.

    Right now I don't have any US VISA with me. H1B applications I have to get from US company, planning to attend interview in Sep2008.My present company will apply L1 within 15 days.
    What are the possibilities for keeping both VISA valid and without any complexity. Suppose any problems are there, what are the problem might be there.

    Is it possible to get 2 visa on the same name, one for present company visa(L1) and other one is future company visa(H1B).
    Kindly give the pros-cos. I am waiting for help......:-)!!!!.

    Could you guide me:-)

    Thanks and regards
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