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I-94 correction and SSN

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  • txh1b
    1. A week or two.
    2. Depends

    If you entered on a status like H1b that requires one to be paid, not having the SSN is no reason for an employer to not pay a person. A good HR knows how to handle such cases and it is not rocket science.

    You need to be paid all the time while on a H1b.

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  • frenzyfasi
    started a topic I-94 correction and SSN

    I-94 correction and SSN

    I apologize, if this is not right place to post this thread...

    I missed to fill-in my last name during immigration and the officer at airport didn't notice that. When I went to SSN office after 2 weeks for SSN, they told that the last name is missing and advised me to correct the immigration record. I went to JFK (Port of Entry) again and met CBP unit and did the correction. After 2 days i went to SSN office again, but still the officer at SSN office told the records are not available still. But they accepted the application. My question is

    1) I did the correction in I-94 at POE, how long it will take to refelect in SSA database?
    2) How long i need to wait for obtaining SSN?

    Please help me out

    Many Thanks