Good day. I am a registered nurse who has a pending I-140 (immigrant petition) that was filed by by a hospital in Florida last year and this year I want to obtain an H1B visa that will be filed by a different hospital employer. I am afraid that this might affect my chance of getting approved/denied during the interview at the embassy for the H-1B visa. My questions are as follow:
1.What could probably be the impact of a pending I-140 (immigrant petition) on getting an H-1B visa?
2. Does the USCIS allow concurrent filing of two types of visa, H-1B and I-140 respectively, with the former providing an intent to temporarily work in the USA and the latter with an intent to permanently stay in the USA?
3. How should I answer item #26 "How long do you intend to stay in US?" on the DS-156 for an H1B? Should I answer 3 years based on the I-797 even if I have a pending I-140 which has an intention of staying permanently/indefinitely in the US?

Thank you very much.

Rain Chan