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H1 B stamping to Canada or Mexico

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  • txh1b
    How can you begin working for H1b employer without your COS approval from L1? You have been working illegally until the COS was approved for the H1b employer.

    You will have problems to deal with during your GC or if a VO notices that during your interview. Your DS156 has to clearly talk about your status violation.

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  • satishg
    started a topic H1 B stamping to Canada or Mexico

    H1 B stamping to Canada or Mexico

    Below is my case. Some of my friends are saying it is not safe to go to Canada (or) mexico for H1 stamping. Please give me your suggestions.

    I came to US in Apr 2006 on B1 visa.
    Applied for H1 visa in May 2006.
    Went back to india in July 2006.
    I came back to US in Sep 2006 on L1 visa.
    My H1 (COS) got approved during 3rd week of Sep 2006.
    I went to India for a week in Feb 2007 and came back to US on L1 visa.
    Applied for H1 COS during Apr 2007.
    My L1 visa got expired on May 15th 2007.
    My employer got H1 COS receipt on May 21st 2007.
    I have started working for H1 employer from June 2007 onwards.
    Later I got new approved H1 Petition(I-797) valid from 7/16/2007 to 10/01/2009.

    Is it safe to go to Canada (or) mexico for H1 stamping?
    Is there any risk involved?