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Interviews for my H1B & B2(Parents) together

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  • Interviews for my H1B & B2(Parents) together


    I am planning to take a combined appointment for my H1B stamping and my parents' B2 visitor visa.

    I am into 6th year of my H1B. Is this idea of combining both the visas recommended or anybody foresee a problem with this.

    Please advise. I have the Visa receipts ready and waiting for your suggestions before fixing the appointment date.


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    I think two different class of visa interivews like H and B cannot be combined. You need to interview separately. Please wait for other senior/members to confirm this.


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      As per my opinion , its correct that you can not combine H and B2 Visa together to go for the same interview.
      You and your Parents will be interviewed separately.

      Also , are you going for H1 Stamping first time or is it a renewal?

      Senior Members ,please confirm the same.


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        This would be a H1B renewal. I am into my 6th year of my H1B (applied for GC and is in PERM stage). I have heard a few instances of issues during H1B renewal for those in their 6th year of H1B .


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          I am not sure that what issues are there...it must be some specific issues related to H1 renewal forthose in 6th year.

          and regarding the issue that you and your parents interview.

          I am just putting my opinion which may not be correct -
          You and your parents will be interviewed separately ,and as you are also applying for H1 Stamping so it means your parents cannot go untill your Visa is stamped to show that you will be there in US for them.
          So they/VO can ask your parents to wait till your visa is stamped/approved.

          For H1/H4 is a different case - as they can go together in the same interview.

          Senior Members , please confirm


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            Thanks so much. It helped a lot.