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H1 - H4 Issues

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  • orion
    If you were not in US since your visa was transferred, you are fine and H4 stamping is fine too, but you should have latest paystubs from A from the time just before leaving US. If you were in US since transfer, you must have paystubs from B too, paystubs and tax documents are vital for H4 stamping.

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  • priglee
    started a topic H1 - H4 Issues

    H1 - H4 Issues

    I was in company A transfered to company B. My case is still pending, I have started working for Company B after receiving Web receipt No.

    Now I have come back to India and getting married. Its been 3 months I am in India and moreover I dont have any payslips from company B.

    What should I do now? What issues can be seen for her H4 stamping and if I come back to us?

    Thanks in advance