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Urgent: Re-enter USA from Mexico/Canada to Retain L1 Status

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  • Urgent: Re-enter USA from Mexico/Canada to Retain L1 Status

    Please share your experience and inputs. Its very very urgent.

    I am on an L1 visa and my H1 has been approved by another employer.

    I came to know from lawyer that to retain my L1 I have to re-enter USA on or after 1st October.

    1) If I drive to Canada or Mexico (Toronto, El Peso) and re-enter on L1 after 1st October 2008, Will I get a new I94 on re-entering? Or I have to fly to get a new I-94 ? At POE, if the US immigration won't agree to issue a new I94, What I need to tell them ?
    Will there be any problem in getting a new I-94 re-entering on L1 visa (As my Status would have been changed to H1 by 1st Oct 2008), Is this the only option to retain L1 status?
    I heard that you don't need to handover the existing I94 (nobody asks to submit) if you travel to Canada/Mexico (By Air/Road). Is it correct?

    2) What I need to do if I want to change back to H1 status from L1 in Month of Nov-Dec 2008 ? How much I have to pay for the COS (L1 to H1) ? Is it OK changing from L1 to H1 in Dec 2008?

    Please share your experience in retaining the current Visa Status (L1, H4, F1…) by re-entering to USA on or after 1st October from Mexico or Canada .


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    Iam also in same situation, can you please let me know what to do.