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waiver application question

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  • waiver application question

    I had my H1b visa rejected by the Jakarta embassy because I had commited a minor misdemeanor 8 years ago.. anyways, I filed for a 2A1 waiver on august 21st. My lawyer said the waiver will be processed in the USCIS office in Bangkok.

    After waiting for a month with no news, I called up Bangkok and asked them to check on my application. They told me they didn't have, and tht they only take immigrant applications. However, my lawyers confirmed and checked the waiver procedure and it stated that Bangkok has jurisdiction for waiver applications...

    I called the embassy in jakarta and they too confirmed that the documents were sent to the US. The assistant I spoke with did not know where it was sent to, so she asked me to email the embassy and the person who mailed my documents will reply me... I emailed on Monday, september 22nd and no reply yet..

    My lawyers and i r confused as to why the application was sent to the US. My lawyer said it could be sent to the FBI for security clearance issue cos I am indonesian, under 40 yrs old, male, etc... If that was the case, the lawyers cannot check on the status of the application...

    so, i do not know wat i can do now but wait... any ideas? my company in the US is giving me until october 31st to get back... btw, i have been working in the US for 3 years.. thanks!

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    i have not heard anything from the embassy or USCIS yet. Anyone know what is going on?


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      bump! anyone?


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        nobody knows? is my case really that rare? PLS HELP! my deadline to return to the US is October 31st.....


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          so, nobody knows? the FAQ has nothing on this either, and my searches came up with nothing... pls help....


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            my deadline is next week.....

            btw, i called the embassy, and they won't tell me where my application was sent to.... is tht legal?


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              bump! anyone?? my deadline is this coming friday... pls help...


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                bump! anyone?? 2 days left


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                  seriously now.... no one knows???