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TN to H1 - issue

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  • TN to H1 - issue


    One of my canadian friends is having a problem. Help would be appreciated.

    Situation : My friend is on TN Visa working for Employer A for the past 1 year. This April employer A applied for H1b and it got approved. Now on September 1st week the project got over and the employer stopped paying him since he was out of project. The employer is breaching the contract signed by them. My friend is not sure what to do since his H1 is in line with the same employer...My questions are

    1) Is it possible to do a H1 transfer to another company - but my friend does not have his paystub for the month of September
    2) My friend wants to complain to Labor dept stating that the employer is not paying as promised - is it a wise move?
    3) What are the other options.

    Please answer, help would be much appreicated.