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H1B In London, UK - Redirected to India- 221(g)- Need Help

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  • H1B In London, UK - Redirected to India- 221(g)- Need Help

    Hi Gurus,

    My expericence attending the H1B Visa interview at US Embassy, London.

    Once I am done with all security checks, they have issued me a token. When my turn came, I was asked to give my DS156, DS157, I797B(Original), My Appointment Letter for the Interview, MRV Fee Receipt. I also gave him the letter from my Employer in US to the Visa Officer requesting them to grant me a VISA and other documents like, my visa petition application, Client letter and LCA, however he returned me every thing.

    When I was called for the interview at another counter:

    VO: How are you
    Me: I am good, thank you, how are you doing
    VO: No reply
    VO: How long you are here in UK
    Me: xxx
    VO: Who is your employer in USA
    Me: xxx
    VO: Where are they located
    Me: ZZZ, State
    ......2 mins he typed some thing in his system.
    VO: What would be your role in the project
    Me: Explained
    VO: What is your highest level of qualification
    Me: Masters....
    VO: Where did you do your masters degree...in UK?
    Me: I have done my Masters in India....xyz university
    ......again he have typed some thing in his system for 2 mins and said that since he is unable to evaluate my educational documents here in London he is redirecting me to my Home Country (INDIA) Embassy.

    He then gave me a 221(G) White Letter, where, he striked off all the options from top to bottom and said that you have all your required docs, however since we at London are unable to evaluate them, we are redirecting you to your Home Country (INDIA) embassy, just carry this document with you and carry all other documents and get a new DS156, DS157 and pay the fee again and go for an interview.

    And he have written the Ref No on the 221(g).

    All gurus, please let me know the chances of getting a visa if I go for an interview in Chennai, India with above constraints. I am an IT guy with 5 yrs real time experience, however i am not working at this time.

    Thank you every one in advance for your valuable suggestions.

    Have a nice day.


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    Why did you attend the interview in UK? It is normal for third country consulates to do this and one should be prepared for it. This rejection has no impact when you attend for the interview in the home country.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.