Hi all,

Our ( me and my dependents) visa was successfully stamped on 10th Oct at Mumbai consulate. Thought to share my experience.

Before that, I would like to express my thanks to this forum.

My experience.
We went to Mumbai consulate at 8:20. Our appointment was at 9:00. We had to stand in a queue outside the consulate building for an hour as there as some technical problem inside consulate which delayed our entry into the building.

Ourside the building, they asked for our interview appointment letter and I979.

After the security check , we were handed over yellow envelop and proceeded to fingerprint area. At the fingerprint area, they retained the yellow envelop ( containing I797, DS forms ...)and issued us pink slip ( a token number for interview).
In a minute we were called for the interview. It went like this.

VO : good morning
We( Me and my wife ) : Good morning.
VO ( to me) : Name your employer.
Me : XYZ...
VO : Before that?
Me : ABC.
VO (To my wife) : how many years you have been married.
My wife : N years.
VO : whats your age and your husband's age
My wife : a years, b years.
VO (to my wife) : Whats her ( my daughter's ) name and age.
My Wife : Her name is ABCD and she is N years old.
vo : Oh. She is so big for N years.
Me : Oh yeah. She is very healthy.
My daughter : UMM UMM ( She can't speak )
VO : What happenened ?
Me : She is not happy ( with a smile).
Vo : Why? Does she had to get up early in the morning ????
Oh yeas.. ( all of us with a smile )
VO : I won't take much time ( smiles ... ) Is there any specific project you will work on in the US?
Me : Yes. Explained the project in 2-3 statements.
VO : What the dat of birth of your daughter?
Me : dd MMM YYYY
VO : Your visa is granted and your passport will reach your office address.
Me : Thanks and have a nice day.

Once again, thanks a ton for all the members in this forum who helped me with valuable information.