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How safe it is to get visa stamped in Mexico?

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  • How safe it is to get visa stamped in Mexico?

    I entered in US on H-1B in 2000(visa was issued at Islamabad, Pakistan). Got my H renewed in 2003 which was again valid till 2006. I traveled to Pakistan in 2004 to get married. After that me & my wife went to American consulate Islamabad to get our visa stamped for H-1 & H-4 respectively but VO denied the visa. Exactly about 10 days after the denial, I received a call from US consulate Islamabad that they want to re-interview me. (Never filled any reconsideration). Long story short, i went for an interview again and this time I got approved but they kept my & my wife's passport for security clearance. It took us 10 months to actually get our passports back in our hands with visas.

    I entered back in US in 2005. The visa was only good till 2006 because my H was expiring in 2006. I renewed my H1 and my wife's H4 again in 2006 on the basis of pending I-485 & some H recapture time, got approved till Feb 2009.

    Right now i'm in the process of renewing my H again because my current H will expire in Feb 2009. I have EAD and AP. I am waiting to get me & my wife's H/H4 approved so i can go to mexico to get our passports stamped. I have few question about it:

    1. Can i schedule an appointment with consulate in Mexico while my H renewal is in process?

    2. After getting my H approved, If consulate denies my visa in Mexico will it be hard for me to enter back in US on the basis of AP?

    3. What are the chances that they will refuse the visa? (Ive been with the same company from the day 1, never been out of status & company have filled my GC petition)

    Your comments will be highly appreciated.