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Can I Attend Any Consulate in India for my H-1b Extension

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  • Ruben
    If you are going for H1-to-H1.. I think you can go to any consulate. I had a friend who went to Delhi recently. Also, if you go thru vfs and fill in the basic reasons, it will allow you to see the dates of other consulates only if u are eligible to go there. Goodluck.

    Why dont you want to go to Chennai? Where are you planning to go?

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  • shatathodi
    I have heard that it you would have to go to Chennai consulate. But I also know of a friend who got his stamping from a different consulate. Your best bet is to call or email the consulate. They have been responding well to phone calls recently.

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  • Can I Attend Any Consulate in India for my H-1b Extension

    Hi All,

    This is Santosh, I am planning to get my H-1b Extension stamping in India in November. I was residing in Warangal, AP before coming to US on F-1 and I got my first H-1b stamping in Vancouver, Canada. Can I attend any US consulate or Chennai consulate only for my extension stamping.

    Looking forward for the suggestion....
    Thanks in advance...