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H1B VISA in AAP without any forms or code no.

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  • H1B VISA in AAP without any forms or code no.

    Dear Friends,

    I want to share my VISA interview experience and need some help from you all. I got my I797 and I-129 from my employer on 20-09-08 and I went for the VISA interview to kolkata consulate on 20-10-08. The VO asked me

    1. where I am going to work?
    2. how i got the job?
    3. what type of company am i going to?
    4. what project i will be working on?
    5. who are the clients of this company?

    I gave all the answers convincingly. as i was answering she was watching the monitor and suddenly she asked me to wait because she wants her colleague to verify all the documents. after making me sit for nearly 45 mins she called me again and said that we verified your documents but we were not able to verify the company/petitioner's status. then she handed over an orange slip to me under section 221(g) and asked me to submit the following documents on any working day between 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm:

    1. All documents submitted by the petitioner while filing the H1B petition.
    2. Contract letter between you and the petitioner.
    3. Income tax returns of the petitioner of last two year.
    4. Notarized list of all employees along with their salary, designation and immigration status.
    5. Unemployment wages report of last 3 quarters.
    6. Letter from the client stating that they require me at the client site.
    7. Project Itinerary.
    8. original i-797 and i-129 along with passport.

    Now one thing I would like to mention here that when they had asked me to wait, in that time they contacted my current employer and verified my employment status. Now I had submitted experience certifictaes of two previous companies also but in that one company has closed down and the other one has shifted to a different address and also its phone number has changed. I do not know whether this will cause a problem for me. I have more than nine years of experience in software development. In the current company my stay is nearly over 4 years. I am a B.Sc.(Maths) and have done Advanced diploma in Network Centered Computing from NIIT.

    So, then I mailed my employer to send all these documents. they had sent all the documents scanned the very next day. the only problem was that the 4th point was not complete as the list of employees was not notarized. they said that it won't be a problem.

    So with all these papers I again went to the consulate on 23-10-08 and submitted them. This time the papers were taken by an Indian. He asked me to wait and after 1 hr he called me again and asked me to submit my passport also. I asked him whether they need my educational and experience certificates or not but he said no. then he asked me to call at the consulate next day(24-10-08). I called the consulate next day but they said that we could not decide so you please call agian on wednesday(29-10-08). I called again and this time they told me that my application is under administrative processing and as soon as some news is there they will contact me. when i asked that whether I should call again or not, they said that you keep calling after 2-3 days. they never gave me any slip or code !

    Can please somebody throw light on this situation ! I have no clue about this. Do I have any chance of getting the VISA? Why have they kept my passport if my petition is under administrative processing?

    I will be indeed greatfull to you all if you lend me some helpful information.



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    Did you hear back from them yet? Mine is a similar case, only that they returned my passport and told me that they will contact me later.


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      Originally posted by inqztiv
      Did you hear back from them yet? Mine is a similar case, only that they returned my passport and told me that they will contact me later.
      No I have not heard anything from them yet. when did you get your passport back?