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No Pay Check and laid off on H1B

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  • No Pay Check and laid off on H1B

    I was on h1b with a consulting company. My employer (desi consultant) laid me off saying they are doing some restructuring of the company. They also told me that they will give me last 3 pay stubs (even though I was not on project). I downloaded the pay stubs online as they told me to do, but I never received any pay check. I mean the pay check numbers are listed on the pay stub but I didn't have pay check. Now I have got my H1B transfer filed with the new employer and already received the receipt but waiting for approval.

    What should be the best way I should take and ask my employer to send me the pay checks for last 3 month?(as the check numbers are listed on my pay stubs online)

    Do I also have the right to ask them to book a one way ticket to India for me too?

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    Forget the pay checks ...

    ... or salary slips.

    Either immediately find another sponsor for your H1B or you can get a return ticket from your employer back to your home country.

    Good luck.


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      You are supposed to be paid even you are not on project. File a complaint against them after you join the new employee and DOL will make them to pay.

      Also beware if the tax amount that is indicated in the paystub is paid to the government. otherwise you will not get your transfer notice approved