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L1b extension need suggestion

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  • L1b extension need suggestion

    Hi txh1b / C4us

    One of friend is with below situation.

    He is working in USA on L1B Blanket (valid indefinitely) visa. His Passport visa stamp is expired on Aug 2008, but he is working on based on his validity of i-94( valid till Aug 2009). Now He want visit to India for attending one important function.

    His doubt is as his visa is expired while coming back to USA, he need to go for visa stamping, that’s mandatory.
    whether he need to go for visa stamping with same blanket petition(as it is valid indefinitely) or his employer need to apply for L1B extension.
    As far I hearted from my other friends, Blanket petition is only for one time per one person (for 3 years). He needs to request his employer apply for L1B extension and with that only he can go for visa stamping. Is this is true?

    My friend already requests his case with his employer immigration team, but till now he did not get any response from them. That’s why I thought of checking with you.