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H1B stamping in Mexico - last entered US on F1

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  • H1B stamping in Mexico - last entered US on F1

    I am currrently on H1B. Last time I entered US I was on F1 in Jun 2006.
    I graduated in Dec 2006 and was on OPT until Oct 07. I was on H1B from Oct 07 with company A. Then I shifted to company B in Oct 08 and I am on H1B ever since. Now I want to get my H1B visa stamped at Tijuana or Merida in Mexico. Could you please let me know if I am allowed to do it. The US Mexico consulate website says

    Who Cannot Apply in Mexico:

    Applicants who entered the U.S. with a visa issued in their home country and changed status with Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. who seek a new visa in the new visa category
    Applicants who entered the United States in one visa category and are seeking to re-enter the U.S. in a different visa category.

    Please clarify asap.