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L2 - H1B Immigration Query

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  • L2 - H1B Immigration Query

    I am on L1B. I want to apply for H1B for my spouse who will be on L2 Visa.
    Q1. If he gets his H1B sponsored by an employer and if it is approved, Will his L2 Visa still be valid?
    Q2.In this case if his L2 Visa becomes invalid when he gets his H1B approved, and later if his employer cancels his H1B or in any case if his H1 is cancelled, at that time if my L1B is valid, then can he apply for L2 again from with in USA or he has to go back to India to apply for this?
    Q3. With L2 Visa, after getting his EAD approved, Can he work for any employer who is willing to sponsor H1B?