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    You should read the WH4 form. Did it ask for a lawyer? No. Is there anything in there that asks for some complicated stuff? No.

    You are looking for too much of hand holding. This forum is very helpful to people in problems. But you should do some research and look around, do some reading. It isn't that complicated.

    Any complaint can be handled without a lawyer if you can explain it in plain english, provide whatever proof you have, look up the DOL office that has jurisdiction in your area and send the complaint.

    DOL is pretty good in responding and investigating. Good Luck!

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Originally posted by Sujit1974
      I have heard that we can file case without any lawyer to DOL office. Please could you let me know more information on this.

      I have few questions on this

      1. Is it necessary to file the case from the city & state where my employers are situated? becasue I am in MI and my employers are in GA rightnow.
      2. If i file the case then who will speak from my side? becasue I need to mention them that they took my sign on resignation letter under pressure.

      Today when I tried to ask for my pay to them they threatened me saying that we have your sing on the resignation letter which we will send to INS office so we will prove that you left our company long back. In that case I wont be able to fight against them.

      I am really worried about it. what to do.
      What do you suggest in this case, is it better higher a lawyer or not?

      You need to submit WH4 in an employer's jurisdiction.
      It is better if you try to call DOL's Toll free number. As txh1b mentioned, they would be happy to assist you.

      Its time to take decision now. Use google to find similar posts on other websites too and help yourself.
      I am not a lawyer and this is not a legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Consult professionals before getting into an action.