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laid off on H1-B

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  • laid off on H1-B

    I ve been laid off while on H1-B on December 5th.I have a Masters degreee in Architecture and my H1-B was valid till 2011. I found the new employer and we need to apply for new H1-B again. Now, I'm confused- when i'm filing form I-129 is that consider new employment or change of employer ( part 2 , question 2).
    Also, what other documents do i need to send and where ( I live in Austin, Tx - and last application was sent to Vermont Service Center,ATTN: H-1B Master’s Cap Unit)
    This is the list of documents that i think i need:

    1.Two original I-129, H Supplement and Fee Exemption Sheets
    2.Two original Employer Letters
    3.Approved Labor Condition Application- i understand this is done immediately on this website
    and can i use prevailing wage info from this web site
    4. Degrees/Official Transcripts
    5.Copy of Passport/Visa/I-94
    7.copy of previous form I-797a
    9.checks ( $ 320 for I 129, $750 and $500)

    - do i need to send latest pay stubs, lay off letter or any other forms ( I-824 if i 'll have to leave the country and when do i need to fill that-if i need to fill it)?
    I would appreciate any info on this topic.
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    AC21 portability use is permitted in you are in valid status. I suggest you hire an attorney for this unless you are still getting paid after layoff. Officially, you lose the status on the day of layoff unless you have other pay arrangements.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.