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Documentation Query...(Previous Documents with Consulate)

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  • Documentation Query...(Previous Documents with Consulate)

    Hello ,
    I have completed my Engg in 2003 and worked for,

    1) "X" Company from Oct 2003 - Nov 2004.
    2)" Y " Company from Nov 2004- May 2007.
    3)"Z" Company from Feb 2008 - till date.
    I had applied for H1b in 2006 and attended interview on 21st December 2006 (Applied through my cosines employer), was handed out 221(g)
    and took all the papers including my offer and Exp letters ( from " X" and "Y" company)..... though they did not ask for them , somehow I handed out the bundle which included the exp letters also. I was asked to drop the papers through drop box which I did in March '07. Got rejected letter in may '07
    which stated ,
    " The employer is either not able to not willing to provide a job in US ", for u'r information u'r visa has been rejected on basis of 221 (g).

    But, my documents we not handed back to me, I mailed Chennai consulate many times on this issue, but I never got a reply from them.

    2) Meet with accident in June '08 , just after resignation from " Y" Company, was out of action for 4 month. In this time, I prepared from GRE and applied for Ms in USA , but visa was rejected on 17th Jan '08 ,stating
    " U'r trying to use F1 to get H1b".

    3) I joined "Z" company in Feb '08, based on my exp my company inquired about my interest in going for a project in USA, I agreed for that .
    My company applied for H1 and got approved.
    While attending the interview for the present company, company asked fro the exp letter in original of previous exp ( I had shown them photo copies of the letters) ,I explained them the situation and they said that they would send a representative to the origination and find out.

    Now, my company says that I need the letters while attending the Visa interview,I approached ( X and y Companies) ,
    a) "X" company denied reissuing the documents in duplicate ( come on damn I worked for u like a donkey for one full year).
    b)"Y" company said that they can issue the companies copy and the copy need to be returned after the interview. ( agreed for that , no other option ).

    Now, what should I do. ( Print for myself ), coz every time I go to some interview, this problem would pop up.
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    I am not sure what the big deal is about handing down employment verification letters by these companies. They act like they are giving away their entire fortune.

    You can appear with copy of the experience letter and any tax returns, paystubs that can prove your employment.

    Consulates many times keep the employment verification letters.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Tax returns ..? I was paid 5000/pm INR during the 1 year period...
      so I haven't filed any tax returns for the one year period..

      Previous employer agreed on issuing another copy of the offer letter and verification letter. will that be Ok?
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