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H1B stamping/ I 129?

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  • H1B stamping/ I 129?

    I am going to India to get my H1B visa stamped in early Feb. I completed my masters in May 2008 and my employer filed for my H1B and I have the approval notice ( I-797 A ) with me. I am going through immihelp to see what documents I need to take with me with for the interview.

    Here are my questions -

    1. I129 is a photocopy only right since the original will be with INS.

    2. My employer told me that they will provide me with employment verification letter. Is there anything else they need to give me.

    3. Should I tear off the I94 from the bottom of the I797 and hand it over during departure.

    4. Form 1979 says that the petitioner should retain the top half of the form. But I have the entire form. Does it mean that I should tear and take only the lower half for the interview.

    5. Anything else that I should be aware of.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can anyone please respond.



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      Hi ,

      (1) YES - u need the photocopy of I-129 and LCA
      (2) Employment Verification Letter- Stating ur Start Date , Job Position and Annual Salary
      (3) YES- u need to give I-94 at the airport while going back.
      (4) Its OK. For Interview - u should have actually the complete form
      (5) Make sure that u have all the docs mentioned in immihelp list and do search in forum what all docs people have carried with them. I am just mentioning some of the docs(some are optionals,some are mandatory):

      1. I797
      2. DS 156 and DS157 forms with photos(50 X 50)
      3. Passports
      4 Visa Payment Fees Receipt
      5. Employers letter to consulate
      6. I129 and LCA

      1. Original certificates and marksheets
      2. Paystubs
      3. W2 and 1040Z tax return forms
      4. Experience letters
      5. company inside outside pictures
      6. Old I797
      6. Client letter

      1. Bank statements
      2. Utility bills
      3. Coworkers affidavit letters
      4. SSN Card
      5. Old offer letters
      6. Old experience letters
      7. Air tickets with Itenary.

      Thanks ,


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        Thanks Abhay for your quick response. Just a follow up question -

        I directly work for a fortune 200 company that is publicly traded. Do I have to still take photos of the company, and some information like tax returns of the company, how many employees work here and such kind of information.

        Second, I am just beginning to worry about this issue - this company that I work for publicly announced a planned work force reduction program and has already gone through two rounds of layoffs. Will this pose a problem for me during the visa interview like how come you are needed when they let go of some many US citizens.

        Thanks again for you response.


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          Most of the public companies that are well known do not need pictures of desk etc. Layoffs could be in different departments and for different skills. It does not matter.

          Many companies have policies not to take pictures of work place and is not even allowed. Those are mostly required for small companies that operate from a dungeon and hire 100 H1b employees as slave workers.

          I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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            public limited company

            you don't need financial statement or photo if you are working for a well-known company. If you are working for small time desi company then you should.

            Don't worry and go with relaxed attitude. I never had any issue for stamping earlier. Infact, the VO was so happy with me that he asked me to charge the company for the consulate fee and stay charges...
            My company paid for everything..visa fee, hotel expense, meal expense, rental car expense, airfare...whatlese you want..hehheheheheh

            Have fun,