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H1-B Stamping Query - URGENT

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  • H1-B Stamping Query - URGENT

    I graduated in May 2008 and worked for a consultant X at OPT for about a month and my H1B application filed by the consultant X was pending for the time I was working for them. Also, I didn't get paid by the consultant and I do not have an experience letter or pay stubs from the Consultant X.

    Meanwhile, I got an offer from another company Y and started working for them in September through my OPT. I got my H1-B from consultant approved in September itself and the Company Y filed for my H1B transfer on October 1st without any pay stubs from consultant X. It got approved and now I am planning to get it stamped.

    My question is, do I need any experience letter, H1-B approval proof, pay stubs or any sort of document from the consultant X to be able to get my H1-B stamped? I do have the RFE for the consultant X's H1B application but other than that I do not have any document from the consultant X.


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    Could anyone please reply to this post if they have any idea about it. It really urgent for me?