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    Hi buddies,
    I went for H1B interview today at chennai and the VO put my application on hold as there was some client letter missing. He told me to obtain the same from petitioner and drop it in any of VFS drop boxes. I have the following queries:
    1) I want to know wat all documents should i submit with that document. The VO had given me a blue form(221(g)) which mentioned the docs missing (from the petitioner sub section in it). In that its written that need to submit original petition (i797, ds 156, 157, passport, labour letter, i129). But after the interview, VO retained 156,157,129 and gave me labor doc and passport back. Should i submit that again?
    2) How much time it takes for the pending application to be processed after dropping in the box?
    3) What is the probability of visa application getting approved once placed on hold and then routed thru drop boxes. (I mean does it mean that the VO had -ve impact/impression on the candidate/petitoner? and thus its a gentle way to reject application?)?

    any related replies and help highly appreciated

    Thanks in anticipation
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    any one there?