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HiB stamping in chennai on 27th jan

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  • HiB stamping in chennai on 27th jan


    i have attended H1B visa interview on 27th of jan 08:45am.
    I think its right time to go for H1B stamping..........
    Interview was very cool........
    Below are the questions the VO asked me:

    VO: hi
    ME: Hi Officer
    VO: Whats ur qualification
    ME: B.Tech in EIE from XYZ college.
    VO: Who is your curretn employer
    ME: YYYY company WWW location.
    VO: whats your experience
    ME: 3 years.
    VO: who is ur US employer
    ME: CCC company.
    VO: wats the location of ur US employer
    ME: atlanta.
    VO: Tell me about ur US company
    ME: I told about the companyand who are its clients(BULLET points)
    VO: To which client ur going to work
    ME: For my US company as internal analyst.
    VO: Can i have wage reports of ur US company
    ME: I gave him and then he verified for 10 min
    VO: thank you. you will get ur passport in one week.
    ME: thank you.

    Guys who are planning to go for interview.. i suggets this is the right time.
    i have not seen any one getting rejected in front of me.(Only 2 got blue forms).