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No of H1 B filings expected this year(2010)

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  • No of H1 B filings expected this year(2010)

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    quite unpredictable actually,
    companies are obliged to hire from within the country due to bad economy and help out fellow citizens and there are people who can contribute, also injecting few people into the country from abroad who help businesses and are not a burden on govt in case they are unemployed isnt bad.
    i am curious too to find out how this is going to turn out.
    uscis is expecting that it will take 2-3 days for the quota to be filled. atleast for the general quota. Also now OPT extension is going to help people relax a little bit about the masters quota being filled...so wait and watch. too much going on.
    i would be happy to predict if i am going to have my job till this darn economy stabilizes.

    there arnt enough jobs that being said, to apply for H1 you need an offer letter..and with all this consultants stuff goin on ....its gona be interesting
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      What would be interesting is the rejection rate this time at the filing stage itself, and then at the consulate later on!


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        I hope they reject all the dubious applications before going through the lottery, so that those with legitimate jobs have a better chance. But unfortunately I think that is not the way they do it.
        This is my opinion and not legal advice.