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h4visa renewal rejection to u.s

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  • h4visa renewal rejection to u.s

    its been 2 mnths i have come from u.s.i have personnel problems with my husband & his family in u.s & i don't want go back.my passport needs renewal of h4 visa & i have interview tomorrow in embassy.can somebody tell me what to do,to get rejection to this renewal of h4visa,so that technically my husband can't ask me to come there.my husband is on h1visa in u.s.

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    What do you need to get rejected? Good question!!! Dont attend the interview. You can choose not to go back.

    Well, thinking a little deeper into what you are asking, I think you want to show that you attended the interview but got rejected. Well, I dont know what you should do, pro****ly tell the VO to reject it?? which will be weird again and they will start having questions about your husband. But I want you to know that if you are undergoing any kind of harassment from your husband and family, help is available.

    You can probably say they asked for all paystubs in last 3 yrs, all W2s, letter from client etc etc... I dont know if you dont attend, and if there is any way to check that you failed to show-up.

    Wait for more replies though.


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      well orion...that's my question.i want 2 attend & then get rejected.i kno it sounds wierd.i have worked in u.s on work permit.could this help me & how?rest as far as docs are concerned,he has sent me all docs.


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        Here is the solution

        I am sure the VO will definitely ask for documents like Paystubs of your husband, w2's etc. Just reply the consulate officer that you dont have those docs....answer negatively....


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          I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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            Idea! During your interview, tell the VO you plan to work on H4 visa!

            Well, sorry, I am just trying to think of ways and nothing is hitting my head. I think coming clean to the VO is the best way to do this without lying at all, to keep your records clean and taking the consulate into confidence.


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              H4 Visa renewal-rejection


              I think Orion is right.

              But there is another way of handling the situation.

              Facing the situation - sorting out the problems/issues with your husband and his family through communication.

              Then decide whether you would like to go back to US or not.

              You can always rethink about going back to US even if you have H4 visa.