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H1-B Visa

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  • immihelp
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    H1-B Visa

    To: Immigration Help,

    I am a H-1B visa holder. However, I was recently laid-off. Within a week, I filed a petition for B-2 status. As it turned out, I found a new employer after two weeks from when I was laid-off. The new employer filed a H1B transfer petition immediately. As such, I have two petitions outstanding.

    I have the following questions:

    1. Will the change of B-2 status affect my new employer's ability to successfully obtain a H1B extension approval for me? My H1B is still current.

    2. My new employer is filing the H1B petition along with filing a green card for me. This is because the current H1B is my second H1B and will expire on October 2010. Will filing a green card prolong the filing time for my H1B transfer and prevent me from starting my new job?

    Can you please advise as soon as possible? I greatly appreciate your input.

    Thank you.