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H1 extension and ssn wrontly printed

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  • H1 extension and ssn wrontly printed

    My h1 visa is getting expired this september, How long before I have to
    file for an extension ? What are the documents that are needed for that ?
    A couple of paystubs is enough or I have to submit all the paystubs that
    I got during my h1b period ?

    The problem is, I have arrived at US last april, working since september 08.
    so i cant submit paystubs earlier than that ..meaning I cant submit the
    paystubs when I was in bench

    2) in my w2 form, and paystubs so far, the 1st digit of my last 4 ssn digit is printed wrong, my employer is working on that, but i want to know will this
    be an issue for my h1 extension ?

    I appreciate if any senior members adivce me



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    1. You can submit all paystubs you have. But based on your earning for the previous year on your W2, they may send you a RFE.

    2. Contact IRS and ask employer to fix it.