I went for visa stamping on 20-Apr-2009 and i got my visa (H1 transfer) approved. While the process, they didn't return me my I-797, they took it along with the passport.

Due to some reasons, I couldnt schedule appointment for my wife on the same day. My wife is going tomorrow 21-Apr-2009, but without my original I-797, she has the photocopy.

1. Will there be any problem? How should she deal with this?
2. When will i get my I-797 back? Or should i raise a request on this?
3. She's currently working, but planning to take Sabbatical leave for about 1 yr and stay with me in the US. Earlier she was in H1 and our daughter was born in US. Will this be a problem? How to manage if any questions raised?

I sincerely appreciate response at the earliest.