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dint return I 94 pls help...

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  • dint return I 94 pls help...

    Hi I dint return the last I 94 as that expired.. and i got one more I 94 in my new I797 .

    I travelled to india on feb 21 2009 ... my old I 94 expired on 31st july 2008. then i got my new i94 valid from 17th march 2008 to 30th november 2010.

    now i have this following queries...

    1) i think i discarded my previous i 94 what should i do now.

    2) I have my visa interview for h4 on 23rd april thts day after tomorrow. will this be a problem???

    3) I dint get my husbands original of I797 and our original marriage certificate thinking I got my I797 and this just a renewal....

    pls help i am really confused...

    thanks in advance...