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Is Economic slump hindering H1B stampings??

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  • Is Economic slump hindering H1B stampings??

    Hello Pals,

    I am a SAP consultant programmer living in India. I had applied for H1B in April 2008, was picked in the lottery and I have a I797. I could not attend the U.S. embassy interview all these days due to personal reasons and job commitments.

    My query -
    Are the U.S. embassies (in India) stamping/issuing H1B visas in the present scenario of slowdown and recession?

    I have heard from friends that a couple of H1 guys were denied entry into U.S. after their holiday in India, sighting reasons of economic downturn.

    I am afraid that the visa officer at U.S. embassy will treat me similarly, saying that the present scenario is not positive and there is no need of resources in U.S. anymore.

    Did any one of you attend the U.S. consulate in the recent past? If yes, what were the questions you were asked? How did you convince the embassy officer that you still deserve a H1B visa in spite of the economic slowdown.

    Please provide me with some tips to convince the Embassy officer that I deserve a H1B visa.

    Any other advice/tips are most welcome.

    Sincere thanks.