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Received GC without hope and without hassle

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  • Received GC without hope and without hassle

    Just now my friend called me told me that I got my GC. In fact, he was not expecting so early. His PD was Mar 2005 under EB2. 485 filed on Jul 2007. He was telling that he was expecting interview call but all of sudden he got GC without any hassle.

    I am happy for my friend but upset on myself because my PD is Aug 2006 - EB3. I am thinking to switch to EB2. I have not used my EAD yet and I donot have plan to use in future 'coz my wife has not filed I-485. Once, I switch to EB2 then by the time labor and 140 is cleared sometime in 2010, then my PD 2006 will be current for EB2. And, I will be in better shape.

    what do you guy suggest?