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H1 Transfer info required

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  • H1 Transfer info required


    My H1 status is about expire this Sep 09 which is 4 months from now and I would like to transfer my H1 with a new employer as my employer is not showing intrest in H1 Extension.

    i have few questions...

    1) Which one would be a good option (premium / normal processing)? one of my frd told that there may be more chances for queries in Premium processing is that true?

    2) For H1 transfer will they ask new employer for CLIENT's LETTER?

    3) One main concern, Right now i'm not having current pay stubs (April, May), Is it ok for filling H1 Transfer?

    please somebody help me with this. Let me know what should i do in this situation.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    h1 transfer while on bench

    Your first concern need to be to get a project.. once you have project, you can either ask the current employer to file extension or even based on the new project, you can ask vendor or any other company to do that.
    if you do not have project, then its tough.