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H1B Extension Clarification

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  • H1B Extension Clarification


    My H1 expires on Oct 1st 2009. Currently I am working at client location in Tennessee. This month 30th I am going to india for 4 weeks. Once I am back from india, I will be working for another client in Michigan.

    My employer wants to file for an H1 extension in a couple of days.

    I want to get clarified for the below question before applying for extension:

    If I get an RFE, asking for client letter (or) PO, Will it be ok if my employer send the letter and PO issued by new client other than the one mentioned in extension?


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    Yes, you should send future work order.
    Also, it is not advisable to travel while extension petition is pending. The petition not only extends your job but also your legal stay.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      H1B Extension Clarification

      At the time of applying for H1 extension while working at client A you will say that you are working at client A.
      and once the Application is in progress if you move to another client B.
      INS might ask you the letter from Client A.
      since you already moved out from Client A you can not produce exp letter from client A.
      if you send them the letter from Client B it might confuse them.
      if you are sure that you are moving to client B better mention it first time itself that client B will be will be your future project.

      I hope this might help you hope it is not confusing you.
      This is just my input.