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H1 extension and client letter

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  • H1 extension and client letter

    Hi All,
    My H1 visa is due for extn in Oct 2009. My I140 has been approved and I'm waiting for priority dates.
    I would like to apply for 3 yr extension and I'm told one of the requirements for filling a extension nowadays is client letter.
    Though the client tells me the project will go on for 2 yrs their contract is renewed on a quartely basis and they are willing to provide the letter for 3 months only
    I have a good prior track record. I was always on a project since my arrival in the US
    What are the chances for getting a 3yr extn if my client gives me a 3 month letter


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    Client letter is only needed for your visa stamping and at the Port of entry. You don't need the client letter for the H1B extension. My employer filed for my extension and i got it without any issues. I did not provide the client letter for the extension. However, I carried it with me to India when I went for stamping.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Each case is different and shervin143, you are lucky that you got your extension. Client letter is needed in some cases for extension. This Posting states about this scenario.

      I'm in the same state as that of jminu. I would like to find out if there is anyone who submitted a client letter for less than 6 months period and got 3 years extension.

      Any tips or info you might provide is appreciated.


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        no one has responded to my question.

        no one has responded to my question. Do you guys know what all require to answer this kind of query.
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