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H1 B Denial

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  • H1 B Denial

    I got my H1 B Transfer denial on july 26th and I received my denial letter by mail this week from my employer. How long can I stay in US before they start counting me illegal. I am booking my tickets for September second week to go back to India. If I ever decide to comeback to US. Will this affect my application. My last pay stub I got from employer is for July 15th. But I have not deposited cheque in my bank yet. I am going to deposit cheque in August last week .

    My previous employer laid me off in March 2009 and MY I-94 is Valid till September 2010. Please let me know if I can leave US on September second week or should I leave before August 25th which is 1month from my denial letter date.

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    The moment you lost your status, your stay becomes illegal. There is no grace period.


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      Hi Kunal,

      I have a doubt, did they any reason why they denied? My case also same like that. Actually I was not on project from Jan 15 to July 15. I got recently project. Now started working, from july 15 onwards I have pay stubs. My current petition is valid till Aug 2010. I am planning to transfer to new employer due to some problem. will it give any problem? My wife is in India now I am planing to send her for H4 Visa. Will it give any problem now?

      Please let me know, if any exp person knows.