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visa pending after tranfer to new employer

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  • visa pending after tranfer to new employer

    I have pretty unusual case, i traveled to US on company A with an approved visa in Jan 2007, a year later in Feb 2008 i changed my employer and got approved i797 till Jan 2011. I came to visit India in Aug 2009 & as a procedure went to Mumbai consulate to re-stamp my visa with new employer. The consulate denied keeping my case pending saying that the state has revoked my old visa with company A. now that should not matter since i have my new approved petition with company B. they said that they need to investigate with washington which will take a while. now i have my entire furnished house, my car in US. I have kids going to school there but they are with me here. i contacted my attroney to help. Did any one face similar situation, what can be done in this case...please help.

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    As usual, you cant do anything, they will take their own time to process and they generally dont care about house, car etc.


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      Thanks Orion for reply, what is you opinion if my company A petition is revoked & i have a valid company B approved status & i am am on continous payroll will this get through. it is very important since i am tinking of disposing everything in US using my friend there, since i am looking at the possibility that i may not be able to go there. Please comment. All expert advice is highly appreciated.


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        If you already have a valid visa, a restamping wasn't needed. Now that you are in this mess, there isn't much anyone can do other than wait for the Admin processing to be completed.

        I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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          I thought so but my existing visa which is now cancelled prejudice was valid till only Oct 2009 and my attorney & friends suggested that re-stamping will not be a problem, I only realized when at the US consulate in India that some records with USICS were not matching with the DS156/157 forms and documents. They said that there might be some error with them hence the investigation. now i am stuck till it completes. Bad luck.