I am currently working with a leading Investment Bank on L2 EAD which will expire in apr 2010.
I have got my new H1 visa approved which was filed as a Consular Petition through an external Consulting firm. (not the Investment Bank where i am employed)
I dont intend to visit India to get my H1 stamped since I will have to then hunt for a new job through the external Consulting firm which in my opinion is not a wise thing to go after in this existing market situation.
Hence I am planning to do an amended petition to reflect the new I-94. Now how do i go about informing my HR dept.
a) How long does it take for an amended petition to get approved
b) If I initiate the process by Dec 2009 and get the amended petition by Jan-Feb 2010, will my L2-EAD then cease to exist and that by then should I get my Bank's permission to work as a contractor(through the external Consulting firm) OR will there be a date put in the amended petition from when it will become effective.
c) How the Bank is expected to conduct this entire transaction from L2-EAD to H1 ? I think this will help me talk to my HR accordingly.

Lakshmi S