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Current situation of h1 stamping in canada

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  • Current situation of h1 stamping in canada

    Hi all,

    I want to tell you about myself.I am a Pakistani currently residing in NY,US on H1 Permit.

    I am planning of getting my H1 stamped in Canada as early as possible.I wanted to ask if any person has recently got their visa stamped from Canada..?I wanted to ask how many days it takes presently especially for Pakistanis.
    I want to secure my job also and return back as soon as possible.

    Another question in my mind is that do they keep our passports at the time of interview and return us back after stamping and it does remain with us during our stay in Canada?

    Does the Canadian embassy object why we are getting it stapmed from there rather than our homecountry.

    Further it be helpful if anyone share their experience of getting it stamped from Pakistan(my homeland) which is very time taking i heard nowadays

    Thanks in advance
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    Canada or Islamabad

    Dear friend,

    Any ideas on stamping in Canada or Islamabad. I am in same boat. I need to do re-stamp but I work for Government though. I will visit pakitan in dec 23rd , 2009 anyways, need stamp to come back. Canada or Pakisgtan?

    Did you try yet? What people in your circles say?