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Got a 221g Yellow slip at US embassy Mumbai, please advice ( 1 2)

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  • Got a 221g Yellow slip at US embassy Mumbai, please advice ( 1 2)

    On 23rd September 2009 I had my H1-B Visa interview in India (at Mumbai 7onsulate). I was handed over a yellow slip which as per section 221 (g) has the following item checked for me:
    " When administrative Process is completed on your case, the consular section will notify you to submit your passport and documents".

    The consular returned my passport and I-797 and told me that I should wait for an email from the consulate after which I can send my Passport for stamping (once the administrative processing is finished). What was more confusing to me was that after the interview, first she told me that your visa is issued and few seconds later she told me about the administrative Process.

    I asked the interviewer how much time it might take for the process to complete since I had a return flight on 29th September 2009, she told me that it should be done by then. However I have not heard from them as of now....Please advise or tell me if anyone has come across similar situation!!

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    Wait and watch.
    Read also similar posts on this forum.


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      I received the email from US consulate to submit the passport on 18th nov. Passport received with Visa on 25th Nov.