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H1B validity clarification

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  • txh1b
    1. Visa will be given till the DOE of the petition. Once in US, petition can be extended until 6 years. Read the FAQs.
    2. Hyd is where you need to go. Check immihelp for doc list and do some reading.
    3. You know the best answer which is truth.

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  • nagabhyru
    started a topic H1B validity clarification

    H1B validity clarification

    Hi Guys,

    My H1B was picked in Aug2008 and its valid from Oct 1st, 2008 to Sep 30,2011 and I am yet to take the visa interview.
    I have a couple of doubts
    a) One is regarding the validity dates, say if I get the visa will they(consulate guys) give it only till 30th Sep,2011 or is there any case that visa officer can extend my validity dates while stamping beyond 30th Sep,2011.
    b) When I applied H1B, hyderabad consulate has not been started so I mentioned Chennai consulate in the application, now can I attend the visa interview in hyderabad consulate ?? what all documents do I need for this ??
    c) In my case its been more than 1year since my H1 was approved and will they consider this delay to be too long. What kind of answer do I need to tell them ??