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L1 to H1 transfer and I94--Very urgent

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  • L1 to H1 transfer and I94--Very urgent

    I am working with company A in L1 visa and I got am I797(H1) approval notice from company B this year. Now Company B applied visa Transfer from L1 to H1 this month under premium process. We got a query last week (Friday) and we replied query with our company B attorney.
    Today I got another query saying additional information is required. Last week end I went to outside USA and I got only I94 for H1 and they cancelled my L1 while entering USA. My question are,
    1) Do we need to reply premium process query with our attorney
    2) IF yes, are there any possibilities of H1 I94rejection?
    3) If No. If we are not following/replying -- What will happen premium process application?
    4) Am I legally eligible to stay in USA? Since I resigned company A today


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    Do you have an H-1B visa stamp or are you a Canadian?