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When to for H4 stamping.

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  • When to for H4 stamping.

    Hello Friends,
    Need you help again...
    I am ready to go for stamping for my H1 but when I was about to take an appointment, I saw a tab saying “Select Co-Workers/Family members traveling together”.
    Now, I filed for H1 when I was single but now I am engaged and will be going US after getting married WITH my wife.
    My questions are:
    1. When my wife should apply for h4?
    - When I am already there…that means I have to leaving her here?
    - She can apply now itself after marriage and before my travel?
    2. What the h1 should mention in ds-156/157 if he's engaged.
    - For stamping can I mention in ds-156 n ds-157 that I m single?
    - Will there be a problem later while travelling or for my wife's H4?


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    1. Anytime after marriage.
    2. Single if not married yet by that time.
    -No problem